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MCM online tutor provides a well-structured spoken English programme to ensure overall development of a student. A student is placed in a batch according to his current communication skills assessed by a tutor. Then the student and tutor meet through an online medium where audio can be shared and text can be written to ensure ease in communication. Tutor uses optimal technique and variety of practice exercises to make certain that student understands and learns whatever is being delivered. Indeed, all the previous students have shown immense improvement in their communication skills with the help of MCM spoken English programme.
The various courses have been designed keeping in mind the varied requirements of our customers. They are competent and have proven success record. MCM Online tutor is having a unique English learning program that prepares the participant to communicate in English with clarity and confidence. It contains 24 sessions, based on day today real life conversations. It improves the listening comprehension and also gives the articulate speaking ability. It offers the best in terms of continuous evaluation, content, teaching expertise and methodology. The methodology is a blend of Instructor Lead Training (ILT) animations and practice test giving user a unique and innovative platform to not only learn but understand, retain and use the language in their daily life.

Our Courses

Everyday English Beginner Level

This is for the students who lack even the essential knowledge of English and are not able to frame simple sentences. This course focuses on the basic grammar knowledge to make the student able to frame short and simple sentences. Students at the end are able to introduce themselves precisely, talk on simple topics able to fill up forms with the help of lots of interactive exercises.

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Everyday English Elementary Level

This is for the students who make mistakes very frequently, know the structures but are unable to put them into speaking. This course focuses on building up student’s fluency and making them speak correctly. Students at the end of the course build up the confidence to interact with people in English and work on their repeated grammatical mistakes, pronunciation and reading skills.

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Everyday English Intermediate Level

This is for the students who can speak but tend to make grammatical mistakes often. Students of this level have the capability to speak but do not have the courage to interact in public. This course aims at overcoming the hesitation to speak fluently and combatting often made grammatical errors and even learning to use complex sentences properly through regular discussions. Students at the end can speak confidently without hesitation with improved pronunciation and reading skills.

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Everyday English Advanced Level

This is for the students who can speak properly without grammatical mistakes but lack in advanced vocabulary and restrict themselves to put forward their views in front of a fluent English speaker or is not able to convey impressively. This course aims at enhancing the interpersonal skills through constant group discussions and role-plays. Students at the end are able to interact to anyone without hesitation and are in a position to use advanced vocabulary correctly.

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Spoken English Coacing in Delhi

Spoken English Coacing in Delhi